Below is a huge list of my favourite things.

BTW some of these are affiliate links, which means if you buy them I'll get a small commission. Thanks for supporting my business! xo

My favourite tech gear

These are all my favourite gadgets for making social media content!

My favourite phone camera:


The truth is, I wasn't all that bothered about getting a phone with a really fancy camera. But I needed to upgrade and it was the only one in stock at the time. Needless to say I'm hooked now - the picture quality on the camera is next level!

My favourite video camera:


This is the camera I use for all my vlogging and workout videos.

Note that I bought the camera body only (no lens) and then bought the lens separately. This is because I wanted a camera with built-in stabilisation and a lens with built-in stabilisation - and most lenses that come in the box don't have this!

My favourite camera lens:

CANON EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM LENS

I selected this lens because of its versatility with zoom options, as well as the built-in stabiliser.

Perfect for shaky arms while trying to film workout videos lol!

My favourite wireless microphone:


These were a game-changer. Wireless microphones that can be blue-toothed to your phone or video camera. It makes the sound quality of your videos SO much better. Really easy to use too.

My favourite coaching resources

As a PT, Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Coach, these are some of my favourite resources.

My favourite coaching app:


This is the software app that I used to build my online nutrition program.

My partner Dave and I tried lots of apps before we decided on this one. We've been using it for 3+ years and really happy with it!

My favourite recipe site:


This website has fantastic recipes and social media templates for nutrition coaches who want to build out their own system.

The recipes are simple and easy to make, visually appealing and super easy to use.

My favourite cardio classes:


I've been a fan of Radical Fitness for 15+ years.

They create pre-choreographed fitness programs for instructors who want to deliver a great class for their members without the anxiety of memorising long or complicated choreography.

My favourite wearable fitness trackers:


Myzone is my favourite system for tracking workouts and measuring effort levels. The wearable technology is easy to use and features lots of great incentives such as fitness challenges and community engagement.

My favourite clothing & supps

This is stuff I really like, and been using for years!

My favourite protein powder:


AST has always been my favourite brand of protein. Not just because it's been scientifically tested but it actually tastes really good. After taking protein powder consistently for 12+ years, you get sick of trying new things and prefer to just stick to the old faves!

But beware that it sells out quickly. So when it's actually available for purchase, get heaps! Just leave some for me too though.

My favourite pre/post carbohydrate source:


Vitargo is made from potato starch and it's my favourite fast-acting carbohydrate to consume pre and post training (just 1/2 scoop each). My favourite flavours are tropical and fruit punch.

My favourite kicks:


Let's put it this way: I dare you to visit this site and not buy anything. ;-)

In a nutshell, Mandy buys the sickest kicks and then blings them up. Amaze.

My favourite software programs

These are a few of my favourite software programs for running my health & fitness business and making content online.



I use Canva to design all my ebooks, as well as postes & flyers for events. It's easy to use and has thousands of templates. Well worth the small monhtly fee!



I use Leadpages for my website as well as for designing interactive flyers & lead magnets. I've used other landing page website before but Leadpages so far has been the easiest to use, and the best price.



I use Mailchimp to store my email database and to send weekly newsletters. I'm actually new to this, but I chose Mailchimp because it looked like the easiest one to use, and the best price too.


Opus Pro

This changed the game for me. I'm not natural on camera, but after making videos and uploading them into Opus AI, I've learnt very quickly what works and what doesn't. It has accelerated my videography skills and helped me learn what videos people actually want to watch (so I don't bother making videos that don't get watched!)


Adobe Premiere Pro

I'm new to this one too, but this is the program I've chosen to do all my video editing in. I feel like a total newbies doing this but have already managed to edit and publish a few of my own videos already. This is a work in progress, but I'm getting there!

My favourite phone apps

These are my favourite apps for editing/cutting/filtering awesome fitness content for social media.


You can upload any photo and it will immediately remove the background for you. It also has thousands of great templates & filters.

The AI-powered generator is insane!


This app is awesome for making reels and creating any type of short video content. The royalty free music is awesome too.


If you want to post workout videos but feel like they're a bit boring and repetitive, just upload them into one of the Video Leap templates and you'll get an instant hit!

My favourite competition suppliers

I've been in the body-building industry for more than 10 years, and these suppliers are my favourites. Not just because they are ace at their jobs, but they are genuinely nice people that I love being around. :)


Bikini, fitness & figure competition heels.

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